Chinmay Mandlekar

Actor Chinmay Mandlekar not only has established himself as an actor in the Marathi entertainment industry with movies like Halal, Hirakani, Farzand amongst others but also as writer and stage director. Apart from other roles, the actor has impressed his fans by essaying roles in historical movies like Farzand, Hirakani, Fatteshikast He will be seen again essaying an important role in upcoming historical movie Jung Jauhar.

In director Digpal Lanjekar’s Farzand he essayed the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Digpal retained him in Fatteshikast too. Essaying the role of the Maratha warrior king was not easy for Chinmay. The writer and director shares challenges he had during the role. Chinmay says, “In Fatteshikast there are many action scenes and I had to undergo physical training for it. The movie was shot on fort Rajgad and other actual locations. It was challenging for all the cast and crew due to location and other things. We had to prepare not only physically and mentally too.”

Film Fatteshikast is based on the surgical strike carried out by the Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj himself went to Lal Mahala on the mission against Shashista Khan, a general from Mughal army. To understand what was the exact situation and why Majaraj decided to go on the mission Chinmay also read a lot. “There were many capable people in Maharaj’s army still Maharaj chose to go on the mission. This made me curious, to understand all the aspects related to the mission I took help of Shamrao Joshi. The movie involved lots of preparation.”

On the work front, Chinmay is busy with another interesting movie, Chandramukhi. The movie is based on writer Vishwas Patil’s novel with the same name. The novel Chandramukhi is being adapted for the big screen by the filmmaker Prasa Oak. And Chinmay Mandlekar is now working for the screenplay and dialogues. Recently the poster of the film was also released by the makers.