Chiranjeevi lauds his brother Naga Babu for donating plasma post recovery from Covid-19

Mega brother Naga Babu successfully won the battle against coronavirus and recently donated his plasma.

Last month, Naga Babu tested positive for coronavirus and even then he had promised to donate plasma once he recovers. Keeping his promise, the actor posted a picture and shared the news that he will donate four more times in the next six months.

Sharing it, he wrote, “Today I am Happy to shine my little ray of hope into this world darkened with ‘Covid Fear’..Fought the Covid and now extending my helping hand in form of Plasma.” (sic) Megastar Chiranjeevi appreciated his brother for taking the step to save lives. Sharing a video of him donating plasma, he wrote, ““covid 19 తో పోరాడి గెలవటమే కాదు, ఇంకా కొందరిని కాపాడే ప్రయత్నంలో, CCTలో plasma donate చేసిన తమ్ముడు @NagaBabuOffl కి అభినందనలు. ఈ సందర్భంగా covid నుంచి కోలుకున్నవారికి మరో మారు నా విన్నపం. మీరు plasma donate చేస్తే ఇంకా ఎందరో కోలుకుంటారు.దయచేసి ముందుకు రండి.” (sic) (Apart from winning the fight against corona, Naga Babu has also helped people who are still fighting by donating plasma. I request others who are cured to also donate plasma and save lives.)

On September 15, Naga Babu announced that he tested positive for Coronavirus and he sees it as an opportunity to help others.