Chitrangda Singh names a Preity Zinta starrer which she feels was quite well made

It’s a known fact that Chitrangda Singh hails from an army background. The actress’s father Col. Niranjan Singh is an ex-army man. In conversation with Bombay Times during Republic Day, Chitrangda reminisced the good old days when she stayed at army colonies. She also opened up about a film, a patriotic one, which she thought was quite well made.

She said, “My all-time favourite film in the genre would be Lakshya (2004) starring Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta. It was quite a well-made film. The detailing, especially minute ones like the uniforms, were so correct. I remember the army men saying that the director (Farhan Akhtar) showed the uniform correctly along with how the army functions etc.”

Earlier while talking to BT, Chitrangda also opened up about the benefits of being raised in an army household. She said, “I got to learn a lot from my father and pick up little-little nuances from what I could see while growing up in army colonies. A sense of discipline, humility, respect, maintaining certain decorum are a few things I picked up from earlier on. Also, whenever I visited an army mess, it was too strict and I had to follow table manners. I would also see that whenever the junior officers’ wives would walk in, the senior-most officers in the room would stand up and offer them the chair.”