Cinemaa Zindabad

Apr 27, 2020
Cinemaa Zindabad

Cinemaa Zindabad is the full-length Hindi film has a story that is a TREAT in itself, the treat that leads the viewer into the reality of life that one treats with up and down with turns and twist, with joy and sadness and at times one stops, ponders on the vicissitudes of life.

This film opens up the real side, the dark side of cinema and the viewer has presented the stark reality of the filmdom, be it a diverter or an actor or a technician and like one hits the wall now and then, one enters the threshold of this wonderful,  ever enticing full of colors and glamour and much more, but with just one step in and the reality starts ringing in the ears, all new entrants, who have cherished DREAMS and have always dreamt of all the glitters, but real Cinema world immediately starts throwing all challenges, all obstacles in the path and your,  enterons pulse, rise, pressure mounts, darks clouds starts lurking around.

The film woven with the stark reality of this otherwise wonderful world, opens and leads the viewer through events after even, that grip the viewer till last. yes, it is a journey unto impossible, every such journey has success and failures and yet failures lead to success is a knows dictum. one is tested time and again, the story has twist and turns that opens how one feels and these feelings.   Are beautifully portraited by a various character in the film in its flow full of tide and ebb   

We all accept thought life journey has ups and downs, it is always not a cakewalk, there are real testing tragic turns and yet one’s faith itself can be your best guide though not visible, the best guide also sends entertaining moments in life challengers and a path full of testing your nerve cinema zindabad has all that very rich entertainment too, don’t forget living in this filmdom has also wonderful times while the going are on and so this real treat Cinemaa zindabad.

We love to mention again and again that Rajpal Yadav playing important role in this movie, the film in really HATAKE  from the Rajpal Yadav working in the viewer’s memory, lastly we would say – this movie will give you right ROYALREEL journey unto the best and cost one pays to get the best in life. be it your mine, Rajpal’s or ours. Cinema zindabad join us, view the movies when release and enjoying the final suspense