Apr 23, 2020

Coat is a Bollywood drama, directed by Akshay Ditti helmed by Sanjay Sankla. The movie stars Sanjay Mishra, Sonal Jha, Pooja Pandey, Navin Prakash, Badal Rajpoot and Vivaan Shah in the lead roles. This story is about a small village boy Madho, simple yet a big dreamer. He and his father are pig farmers, which holds the least respect in their village. In this era of fast-growing technological advancements in India, he also wants to look great and achieve a high level of success. But “how” is the question he tries his best to answer.

The first-look poster of Vivaan Shah’s Coat is out. Set in Bihar, the film tells the story of a Dalit boy who wishes to own a coat.

Speaking about Coat, Vivaan said, “This film was special in terms of me being able to stretch my acting abilities and play a character who was completely outside the realm of my experience. crew.”   

Vivaan said, “What excites me now is my latest challenging role of a ‘de-glam’ rugged, rustic Bihari shepherd in this upcoming Hindi movie ‘Coat’, directed by writer Akshay Singh. Out here, my low-caste, poor character sees a ‘coat’ and has this burning desire to wear his own coat someday. That motivates him to start his small-scale bamboo handicrafts venture and he overcomes all the odds he faces in achieving national-level success.”

The movie will be releasing soon inn the end of the year i.e. 2020. Stay tuned to know more. Will keep you updated with the upcoming information regarding it. Would appreciate for your corporation.