Comali actress Samyuktha Hegde attacked by public in the park

The Kannada industry is reeling under the drug scandal, with several popular names being linked to it. And now, Samyuktha Hegde has come out and said that she was attacked by the public at a park in Bengaluru where she was hula-hooping, and threatened that they would fix her name in the drug scandal.

It all started when the Comali actress, who is a fitness enthusiast and often posts videos of her exercising with a hula hoop, was hooping at in a public park near Agara Lake at HSR Layout in Bengaluru Friday evening. According to her, she was exercising with her friends when an elderly woman began abusing her. The actress went live on her Instagram to show her fans what was transpiring.

While the actress went to explain how the elderly lady began abusing and criticizing her for her clothes – a sports bra and workout pants – she was soon surrounded by a few men, who started threatening her by saying that they’d get her name linked in the drug scandal in Sandalwood.

The woman, by then, said she’d file a complaint with the cops, and Samyuktha, too, stood her ground and said she’d raise a complaint with the police. The lady in question told the actress that she was ‘stripping in public’, to which the actress raised an objection. Cops had arrived at the location by then and tried to sort out the issue.

The actress had reportedly said, “This was on broad daylight and in a public park. And a woman who insulted and hurled abuse at us for simply wearing workout clothes and exercising in a park. What wrong did we do that my friends and I had to go through this trauma and shamed for no fault of ours?”

Her timeline was filled with comments supporting her and saying how this mentality needs to change.