Could Tusshar and Jeetendra team up for a film soon?

Tusshar, who has now picked up the ropes of production, has been juggling his time between work on his impending productions, picking projects for himself as an actor, his son Laksshya’s school and projects, his gym routine and his father Jeetendra’s real estate business. The actor barely makes any me-time but has no complaints. Now that Tusshar has graduated from being an actor to an actor-producer, does he plan to cast his father, the powerhouse star of the bygone era with over 200 films to his credit, in any of his upcoming projects?

“I have no clue about that right now but if it is something that I feel he needs to be a part of, I will approach him,” says Tusshar, adding, “A lot of filmmakers and writers approach him with roles. In fact, some of them approach me to reach out to him. But today, I don’t think papa wants to go back to a film studio. He is so done with the sets and arc-lights and the eight-hour routines. He’s very happy being around his grandchildren, Ravie (Ekta Kapoor’s son) and Laksshya. He spends a lot of time playing with them. He has moved on to real-estate business and that keeps him very occupied. He has not really shown any keenness for returning the movies.”