'Cruella' trailer: Emma Stone brings Disney's iconic villain Cruella de Vil to life in an edgy trailer

Why play a Disney princess when you can play the feisty villain?

Emma Stone has gone where few other actresses go – into the dark side- to bring us the origins story of the iconic Disney villains of our childhood, Cruella de Vil.

After dropping the first look poster, the makers released the first trailer that gives us a peek into the back story of the Villain we never really came to love. The clip starts off with glimpses of a red-head Cruella trying to make her way in the world, only to be told otherwise.

“I guess they were all scared that I’d be a… Psycho” she says as her sinister laugh echoes through the hallways of her mansion.

Packed with powerful dialogues, the clip gives us glimpses of three Dalmatians and some trademark Disney animation. The trailer also sees the character going “mad” and embracing her dark side with her signature two-toned hairstyle.

The makers also confirmed a 28 May 2021 release for the film.

In August 2019, Disney had shared the first look of Stone as the iconic ‘101 Dalmatians’ villain during the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

In the first look image, Stone dressed in a leather jacket, while walking three Dalmatians, while co-stars Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser could be seen standing in the background.

According to reports, Stone revealed that Cruella will be a “punk rock” live-action origin story for the classic villain, taking place in 1970s London. The upcoming film also stars Emma Thompson and is directed by Craig Gillespie.

The upcoming prequel will explore how Cruella, who started out as a designer, turned into a woman obsessed with wearing a coat made of puppy skin.

The famed villain was originally played by American actor Glenn Close in 1996’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ and in the 2000 hit film ‘102 Dalmatians’. She also serves as an executive producer on this new adaptation.