Dev extends help to fellow citizen amid the pandemic

Once again, fans reached out to Dev and help came all the way down to one in distress. On Thursday, one Obhishek Kar did a live video explaining his ordeal in a police station. Dev’s fans tagged the star on social media with this post. Dev, in the meantime, put the matter through the city police chief and finally the issue got sorted.

This is not the first time. Dev has helped a Covid patient to get admitted in hospital recently. Elaborating on this, he said, “Someone tagged me on social media asking if I could help the man get admitted to a hospital. As a human being, I did whatever was required. Later, I heard that the person got a call from the Health Department and was admitted. During this lockdown, I got innumerable such requests and I tried to help them as much as possible. I feel ashamed when I see people mistreating COVID patients and their families.”

Dev made it a point that all the family members of COVID patients admitted at Ghatal Mahakuma Hospital should be provided with food thrice a day during complete lockdown, as all shops are closed. “But again, I prefer not to blow my own trumpet, as my mother taught me not to discuss after helping the needy,” he said. Earlier during this lockdown, Dev took an initiative to send several migrant workers from Nepal back home. He even helped a few migrant workers stranded in Kashmir to return home in Ghatal. He arranged special flights for students stranded in Russia. “If I don’t stand by people in this crisis, when will I? My makeup artist Arun’s dad tested positive, so I got him admitted. I am not taking any project now as I want to give it some time. A few days ago, I got an offer from a reality show as a judge but I pushed it back, as I am waiting for the vaccine to get introduced” said Dev.