Dia Mirza Receives A Special Mention By The Nelson Mandela Foundation

Dia Mirza received a special mention by the Nelson Mandela Foundation for her work in nature conservation and vulnerable children protection. The actor is among the several women from around the world, who are being honoured as part of the foundation’s initiative to observe September as women’s month and appreciate the efforts of those who are working towards global goals.

Overwhelmed by the social media post, the actor replied, “It means so much. I have always admired Madiba and this is truly special @NelsonMandela.” As the United Nation’s environment goodwill ambassador, Mirza has been highlighting the need for clean air and seas, wildlife protection and the effects of climate change.”

Dia Mirza has time and again focused on the environment and sustainability. Bollywood actress Dia Mirza says sustainability is all about “developing a consciousness”. It is nothing but a reminder to everyone that all life is connected, she adds. In an interview with IANS, the actress stated earlier, ” It’s absolutely essential for each and every human being to understand that everything we need for our survival comes from nature. Sustainability is really nothing but a reminder for all of us that all life is connected. Like the relationships that human beings form with each other, the ones we form with nature are exactly the same. “

Dia further added, “When you become sensitive to that symbiotic nature, to that relationship, it becomes easier to change, adapt and create an environment that is more inclusive to everything. And this applies to people and industries alike. It’s all about developing a consciousness.”