Dia Mirza’s idea of the perfect gift is a grove of 11 trees!

Dia Mirza is in love with greenery around her and never lets go of a chance of upping her love for greens.

At the ongoing Kala Ghoda Arts Festival today, the actress made an interesting confession. Part of one of the online events at the festival, Dia said that she does not give people birthday gifts, “not even to those closest to her”. Instead, she actually plants a tree in their name!

“There was a year I remember planting 18,00 trees! It has actually simplified my life,” she said with a smile.

“If anybody’s birthday or anniversary comes along, I don’t have to rack my brains about what gift to get them. I will simply grow a grove of 11 trees in their name and send a certificate to commemorate the special occasion. The best thing is that you can go and visit the site. You can see images of who planted your trees and watch them grow, and maybe someday even go sit in the shade of those trees,” shared the actress.

In fact, Dia also said that she has seen people who receive the certificate cry as they are so touched that life forms have been introduced in their name, and will obviously be taken care of.

“There must also be people who look at the certificates and say Oh, God! She’s so un-innovative! She sends me the same gift every year,” she said. Dia’s bank of gift trees has grown exponentially over the years.