Diet plans of Bollywood stars were Lockdown is Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Usually Film stars take special care of their diet. They also increase and decrease weight according to the demand of the film. Today we will get information about the diet plan of some such star, how is their diet plan in Lockdown. Today we will get information about Rajkummar Rao, Kriti Sanon and Kiara Advani Deit plan.

Rajkummar Rao :

He is lot of strict diet follower, but they like to eat “PANIPURI” They say, Lockdown will be finished, and the all things will be normal, then it will quickly eat “PANIPURI”.

Kiara Advani :

She work in back to back films in 2019. But now he has started cooking during the Lockdown. she saying Love to cook anyway, and i enjoy it. Butt does not eat all the delicious things, because after the demise of Lockdown is to be put to work again.

Kriti Sanon :

She had gained 15 kg weight for his upcoming film, but as soon as the shooting of the film was over, he started lose a weight. In lockdown, she stay with her parents ,She says smiling, she is enjoying having dinner with her parents and sister.