Do Bigha Zamin

Apr 18, 2020
Do Bigha Zameen (1953)

Do Bigha Zamin was made in 1953, it was based on Rabindranath Tagore’s Bengali poem “Dui Bigha Jomi” Directed and Produced by Vimal Roy and written by Paul Mahendra, the cinematography was handled by Kamal Bose and editing was done by Hrishikesh Mukherjee

The movie shows a very true picture of pre-independence and early post-independence in India. The farmers are poor mainly because of the fact that they have very small landholdings and they are unle

Balraaj Sahni, Nirupa Roy and Ratan Kumar in a lead role with supporting cast Nazir Hussain, Jagdeep, Murad, Nana Palsikar, and Meena Kumari

The film was won several film Awards like Filmfare Awards for Best Film and Best Director, and it was awarded the All India Certificate of Merit for Best Feature Film, and also won International Prize at Cannes Film Festival.

Sunil Chowdhury has composed the music with lyrics written by Shailendra, “Apni Kahani Chod Ja  and Dharti kahe pukaar ke both songs are very good and popular in the movie

The story resolves a poor farmer Shambhu Mahato (Balraj Sahni) and his wife Paro (Nirupa Roy) and their son Kanhaiya (Rattan Kumar)Shambu owns two bigha land which is the only means of livelihood for their whole family. After some circumstances arise Shambhu was forsed to sell his land 2 Bigha by Zameedar who wants to build a factory by demanding debt once given on interest. Court ordered Shambu to pay in 3 months. For which Shambu goes to Kolkata and try to get the job to earn enough money to pay off his debt. City takes test of Shambhu and his son Kanhaiyan to save each penny

The movie has a theme that can be found in works of notable Indian authors Munshi Premchand or Sarat Chandra Chaterjee.

Performance wise Balraj Sahni was Brilliant in his role, Nirupa Roy also gave a very good performance as Shambhu Wife Paro, and the child actor Rattan Kumar as his son Kanhiyan was also very good and Meena Kumar maiden guest appearance in her 33 year long career.