Documentary on Bengal’s art of doll making explores the rich history

Among the many folk arts practiced in Bengal, the art of making dolls is a unique century-old tradition that not only reflects exquisite creativity but also perfectly fits into a child’s own world of fantasy.

Kolkata Doordarshan has now come up with a series of documentaries on different types of dolls of Bengal with a primary objective to promote such an aesthetically beautiful art. Under the name of ‘Putul Nebe Go Putul….’, two episodes have already been telecast, the wooden dolls of Natungram and clay dolls of Ghurni-Krishnanagar and a third one the palm leaf doll will be telecast soon.

The documentaries take the viewers through an interesting journey showing the making of the dolls, their glorious history, and the artisans’ own stories. Kolkata Doordarshan now has more plans to come up with more such episodes on other kinds of dolls, made in different corners of Bengal.