'Drishyam' and 'Papanasam' director Jeethu Joseph reveals the difference between Mohan Lal and Kamal Haasan

The 2013 Malayalam film ‘Drishyam‘ turned to be a great hit, and the film also received a good reception from other states. Hence, the film was remade in 2015 as ‘Papanasam‘ in Tamil by Kamal Haasan, and the director Jeethu Joseph, who helmed the original version, had directed the Tamil version too. Now, ‘Drishyam‘ and ‘Papanasam’ director Jeethu Joseph explains the difference between Mohan Lal and Kamal Haasan.

In a recent interview with an online portal, the director has opened up about both his heroes Mohan Lal and Kamal Haasan. Accordingly, Jeethu Joseph described Mohan Lal as a born actor, whose naturality is blended within himself to bring the best out of him while Kamal Haasan is a trained actor, who brings naturality to the character with his experience.

The thriller drama ‘Papanasam’ is about the life of a middle-class family and an unfortunate problem faced by them. Both Mohan Lal and Kamal Haasan have displayed an excellent performance in their respective language films, and both are favorites among the fans.