During this Lockdown, Huma Qureshi Hopes everyone will be able to celebrate Eid Safely in Home

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi is in Mumbai with brother Saqib Saleem and her parents are quarantined in Delhi. Huma Speaking about how the celebrations would be different this year, “Ramadan is the time for reflection and self-improvement. This Ramadan, we plan save life for Human From coronavirus. They will prey for all people are win against fight of coronavirus.

Under the lockdown, all peoples are surely very upset because they do not celebrate his festival Ramadan. Many peoples are away from his families. “Ramadan is about fasting and improving yourself as a person.

Its about improve yourself, things batter to other persons, Make good human being in society and help charity especially during this difficult situation. we all protect herself, do not break the government rules, follow them everone, “stay home stay safe”

She was again said, we all growing up our immunity power. To eat healthy food. however she will miss her our friends and family in Ramadan. We definitely miss our parents with us during this time.

Before every year in Ramadan, whole family coming together, eating and celebrating this festival. My parents are in Delhi, it’s just Saqib and me in Mumbai. During this ramdan, remember her family and friends with miss her time of last year.