Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1990)

Ek Doctor Ki Maut is a 1990 film of Bengali director Tapan Sinha, It was produced by National film Development Corporation of India. And it was written by Ramapada Chowdhury and Tapan Sinha. Music was given by Vanraj Bhatia, Editing was done by Subodh Roy

The movie was inspired a real life personality Subhash Mukhopadhyay, who was the first scientist in the world to create IVF baby, but was denied that honour and eventually committed suicide. It stars Pankaj Kapur as Dr. Dipankar Roy, Shabana Azmi as Seema, Anil Chatterjee as Dr. Kundu, Irfan Khan as Amulya, Deepa Sahi, and Vijayendra Ghatge as Dr. Arijit.

The Film won three National Award Including Best Features Film, Best Direction, and Special Jury Award. And two Bengal Film Journalist Association Awards like Best Film and Best Director and also won Filmfare Best Screenplay Award.

The story tells Pankaj Kapur adds such passion to the character of the Doctor who spends 10 years of his life coming out with a vaccine against leprosy, , but due to poor response from the officials and the jealousy that delayed the man to submit the paper of his research and someone else bagged the credit. When finally, he achieves the breakthrough he finds he has a bigger fight on his hands against the corrupt and lazy government and scientific community. He gets no support from even his best friend a successful doctor due to jealousy except his wife Shabana Azmi (Seema).

By the end of the movie one becomes hopelessly frustrated with the system and begins to feel the pain of the doctor. No wonder how many other doctors, scientists, inventors of India or other such corrupt developing nations have missed out on their chance to fame and glory.

The film leaves the moral sympathizing and wondering as to how many people and how many brilliant works have just passed us by unnoticed and unappreciated.