Every Bollywood Actress keeps her children Safe From the Media

From Aishwarya Rai to Sunny Leone, Every Bollywood actress tries to avoid her children from the media. Yesterday on Mother’s Day, many Bollywood celebrities posted pictures with their mother on social media.

Many Bollywood celebrities taken beautiful pictures with their mother and posted on social media and wrote about their favorite things with her. Whenever it comes to protection, every Bollywood actress is ready to protect her children mostly from media.

If  talked about Aishwarya Rai, When “Aaradhya” was small, whenever Ash left the house, she would hide the face of the little “Aaradhya” from the media.

If talk about Rani Mukarji, A few years back, Rani was at the Mumbai Airport along with her eight months daughter “Adira”. Then the media gathered to see little “Adira”, then the Rani shouted at the media and warned her to stay away from “Adira”.

If talk about Sunny LeoneAnd his daughter“Nisha Kaur”. When Nisha was a small, Sunny would often hide her daughter Nisha Kaur’s face from the media.