Exclusive! Aarya Babbar: The best possible way right now to pay tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh is supporting the voices of farmers

Today is the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, a man who can’t be described in words, a man whose contributions towards the nation can never be paid off. He was the one who faced death with a smile, and he was only guilty of being true to his nation. Thus, today recalling him, Punjabi actor Aarya Babbar called him not a man but a revolution.

“A revolution indeed. His ideology and life depict that he was clear with what his purpose of life was and he achieved it. Making such an impactful turning point in history just by the age of 23! It takes an eternity for most, a lifetime rather find our purpose let alone achieving it,” said Aarya.

Further, it is needless to say that it’s near impossible to clone the character that Shaheed-E-Azam had. Be it his love for the nation, his zeal, or other things, no one can even come close to be a person like him. And talking on these lines, Aarya said, “There is no way anyone of us can have the traits of such a great soul as Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Yes, we can try and acquire some traits of his. Quoting him “The sanctity of law can be maintained only so long as it is the expression of the will of the people”. Here, it is rightly inculcated that if you have an opinion you need to make yourself heard, act on it, then just wait for justice and procrastinate.”

Today, social media is packed with tribute notes penned for Bhagat Singh, but those posts can’t do justice to his work. Thus, Aarya Babbar concluded the conversation by saying, “The best possible way right now to pay tribute to the legend (Bhagat Singh) is supporting the voices of farmers and standing for their rights”. No matter what way we choose to be heard, right now being heard and standing for what is actually important matters the most!