Exclusive! Ayesha Jhulka's allegedly murdered pet dog's caretaker arrested and produced in court

Ayesha Jhulka’s 6-year-old pet dog Rocky died in mysterious circumstances at her Lonavla bungalow last week. Now, we have it exclusively that the property’s caretaker Ram Andre, whom Ayesha suspects had killed the dog, has been arrested and produced in the court today as you read this. Andre has been charged under Section 429 (mischief by killing animal). Advocate Atul, who represented Ayesha in court tells ETimes, “A surety of a certain bond will bail him out sometime today. The case will however continue.” Ayesha pledges, “No matter what, I shall not rest until I get justice.”

Senior Investigating Officer in the case, Baliram Sangle, tells us, “We had sufficient reasons to arrest Andre today. Several people have come forward to give their statement, saying that Andre tortured the dog. I cannot disclose everything, though.” Until yesterday we knew that only a watchman in the neighbourhood had spoken against Andre. It seems that there have been some fresh developments since our story published last evening as far as statements are concerned.

We had also told you about a bloodstained bed sheet that the cops had found from a room in the bungalow, that has been sent for chemical analysis. On that, Sangle updates, “That report is yet to come but we have enough evidence that called for Andre’s arrest.”

Another piece of exclusive news here is that the Animal Cruelty SAS India President Nitesh Khare had followed up the case and raised his concern where it mattered. Khare throws more light and says, “Brutality against animals is on the rise, especially after the lockdown. We are getting many cases of such kind. Human tempers are running high beyond imagination.”

It may be recalled that Ayesha’s sister had also come forward to say that she and her husband had visited the house not too long ago and found that both of Ayesha’s dogs- Rocky and Wrigley- were locked up in a room when she landed up there. Subsequently, she went on to tell Ayesha that she had asked Andre as to why he had locked up the dogs. In turn, she was told that they both fight with each other uncontrollably. Ayesha’s sister turned around to ask a pertinent question to the caretaker that in such a case had it not made some sense only if he had locked up one dog so as to separate the two successfully- but the caretaker had no answer to that.

The death of Rocky made headlines a few days back. It all began when Ayesha’s husband Sameer Vashi received a call from the caretaker that the animal had been found dead in a water tank. Ayesha and Sameer raced away to the hill station and found that the body had been put inside the house. There was no bloating, which would have happened if the pet had been inside water for hours. The autopsy conducted in Mumbai’s SPCA in Parel too did not indicate that the death occurred due to drowning.