Exclusive: Bobby Deol on how lockdown helped him to value relations all the more!

Unlike many actors in Bollywood, Bobby Deol is known to be extremely shy and reserved. The actor is known to have great bonds with only a few people in the industry. In the past, he has called film director duo Abbas-Mustan as his brothers and former co-star Priety Zinta, his good friend.

However, the course of lockdown has introduced a sweet change in the actor. Bobby tells us that while working on a recent project he did open up and make great new bonds with his colleagues. He says, “I became great friends with the team of my last web show Aashram. May be it is the lockdown, that brought about this change that we became friends, as it made us value friendship. Only when you are pushed into one corner is when you start appreciating life.” He further adds, “You cherish old friendships and rekindle relations and equations with people.”

The actor says that he comes across as a shy person, but in real he says he is extremely friendly towards people. “That’s the first impression. Well, frankly that is there initially, but later I open up. I think I have just become happier. I am in a happy zone now,” he signs off.