Exclusive: Bobby Deol opens up about living in a ‘joint family’! Says, “We are always there for each other”

At a time when Bollywood celebrities are moving out of their parents’ homes and staying in their own spaces, Bobby Deol has had difference in opinion. The actor who has been living at his family home since many years says he loves staying in a ‘joint family’.

The Race 3 actor stays at a lavish bungalow in Mumbai with his father Dharmendra. The actor along with his wife Tanya and kids Aryaman and Dharam shares the space with his brother Sunny Deol, wife Pooja and his sons Karan and Rajvir.

He says, “I am very blessed to have a beautiful family. We are always there for each other. We can comfort each other. Whenever you need mental support, my family has always been there.” Talking about his elder brother and actor he says, “I have always felt that he is like a father figure to me. That’s how he is. He treats me like his own son. It has always been that way.”

As an actor during the pandemic he was required to venture out for work. In a situation like this coming back to a joint family might sound challenging. He says, “You have to take precaution, as you have to work, and you have to step out. Luckily, I stay in a bigger space and hence it is easy from me to stay in isolation at home.”