EXCLUSIVE! Dia Mirza: I have faced my share of trolling

A lot has changed in Bollywood in the last decade — right from the way films are made to the way they are promoted, and social media has emerged as a huge platform for filmmakers and celebrities. While some have resisted the lure of social-networking platforms, others have embraced it wholeheartedly. And there are a few who are still grappling with it. Dia Mirza, who has been a part of the industry for two decades, had adapted to the changing tide and turned to online platforms to talk about the work that she does and the causes she supports. But of course, as it is known it comes with a downside, too. In the chaotic, noisy space of the digital world, almost every celeb has had to face their share of trolling and backlash for one reason or another.

Talking about how she navigates the online space, the ‘Sanju’ actress says, “For me, social media has been such a powerful instrument to talk about the things that I want to and for most of the advocacy work that I do. I have never looked at it as something that is harmful. Of course, misinformation is extremely harmful, and there are all kinds of ruthless people who are disrespectful. But for the most parts, I have managed to have extremely positive interactions with people across all platforms.”

Ask Dia about the dose of negativity and the hatred that comes along with the good on social media and the ‘Thappad’ actress explains, “There have been some phases where I have faced my share of trolling, but I don’t respond to trolls with disrespect, instead, I choose to not engage with them beyond a point. I feel that when you are clear about what you are doing and are honest, then what people say shouldn’t bother you, and it doesn’t affect me at all.”