Exclusive: Hrithik Roshan's mother Pinky Roshan tests positive for COVID-19: She confirms, "Yes, but I am asymptomatic"

The corona numbers are not really reducing and it’s getting scarier by the minute. On the Bollywood front, now Hrithik Roshan’s mother Pinky Roshan has contracted COVID-19.

Rakesh Roshan has been in Khandala at his farmhouse and we guess he will stay put to ensure Pinky’s and his own safety until she tests negative, for after all, it is always better that the less the people around a COVID-19 patient the better. Consequently, Hrithik is not in his parents’ Juhu building Palazzo now but at his nearby beach flat, where he had shifted a couple of years ago. Meanwhile, Sussanne who had also shifted into Palazzo with Hrehaan and Hridaan to be with Hrithik and his family in the pandemic period, has gone back to her Versova flat with the kids. Hrithik’s family is taking all safety measures to try and have a fool-proof isolation for Pinky Roshan.

When contacted, Pinky Roshan confirmed and said, “Every 20 days or so, we have been getting everyone checked as a precaution. This includes all our family members and the staff. This time, about a week ago, I tested COVID-19 positive borderline. I have no symptoms and my doctors told me that my yoga and exercise regime has helped in a big way to keep this in control; however it meant that I have had the virus in me for 15 days. I am expected to undergo another test tomorrow and let’s hope it will be negative.”

Added Pinky, “My mother, my daughter Sunaina and my granddaughter Sunarika are with me and they are taking all precautions.”

Rakesh Roshan said, “Well, the count that Pinky had is minimal. Yes, she will undergo another test tomorrow.”

Get well soon, Mrs Roshan.