Exclusive: Inside pics of Tumbbad and Ship of Theseus fame, filmmaker Anand Gandhi’s Goa office!

While most of the filmmakers have their lavish offices in Mumbai, Tumbbad and Ship of Theseus fame, filmmaker Anand Gandhi took a risky move as he shifted out of the maximum city and made Goa his work place.

The director has rented a plot that measures nearly 2 acre at Bambolim in Goa. Sharing more details about his office and studio space situated in the lush green location at the sun and sand destination, Anand tells BT, “Nearly two years ago, I set up a work space in an isolated spot at Bambolim. The property is situated on a hillock, and my team — editors, writers, sound designers and cinematographers, among others — has been staying and working from there.”

Anand and his team have been living there as a family. When they are not working they are busy playing games, celebrating birthdays and touring Goa. In a glimpse shared with us by Anand, one can see how the team engages in playing board games, dining in an open air canteen etc.

Elaborating on his idea, Anand adds, “We wanted to create a safe space for creators to live and work together. It creates an opportunity for great young minds to come together and work and reflect with each other. Look at the French new wave. Cahiers du Cinéma and André Bazin created a space that produced Jacques Rivette, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, and François Truffaut – they became the greatest auteurs of French Cinema, but were first and foremost peers who worked on each other’s films.”