Exclusive interview! Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja: Dad has never called up anyone to get me a movie, I can't be called a nepo-kid

With his crazy good dance skills and equally amazing acting chops, Govinda had created a niche for himself in Bollywood. His daughter Tina Ahuja followed in her father’s footsteps and is trying to replicate his success with her journey, in which she proudly claims she has never asked her father to help. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with ETimes, Tina opens up about her journey so far. Excerpts:

Have you ever felt the pressure of being Govinda’s daughter?

To be honest, earlier, I used to feel it a lot. But then now that I am working with my dad, working with him behind the camera, it really doesn’t matter anymore.

Did your father have words of wisdom to share when you told him you wanted to make a career in Bollywood?

What he told me was just to give my best, have fun, and leave the rest to destiny. It’s very important for you to be honest about your work and give your best so that you don’t regret anything in life. Sometimes, you think something is right and maybe that isn’t, but as far as you have given your best, you don’t feel guilty or bad about it. So that’s one really good advice that dad gave me. I personally felt that it paying heed to his advice worked well for me; I gave my best and just left the rest to God.

Your family has always stayed away from the limelight. Was it a conscious decision?

We, as a family, believe in letting our work speak for itself. If you will notice we are always present when we are working. Otherwise, we just brainstorm and do the groundwork for the next project. We stay away from the limelight.

Has your dad ever helped you bag a movie?

Never; if that was the case, I would have signed 30-40 films already! That’s the one thing that dad has not done so far and I have never asked him to. The day I feel that I need something, he is always there, but I can never be called a nepo-kid; I have got all my movies on my merit. I got all the offers on my own; he never had to help me. But he was aware of what I was doing or not doing. He still gets a report of everything that I am doing, but that doesn’t mean that he will interfere in my work. Dad has never called up anyone to get me a movie, so I can’t be called a nepo-kid.

Has Govinda ever offered to produce a film for you?

That has never happened but I know that he would love to produce a film for me because he has expressed that to me a lot of times. He is always very supportive of my work. So let’s see, maybe in the future, we might do that as well.

Do you ever take his advice for movies?

One hundred per cent! I’ve gone many times to him to ask for his opinion. He has a lot of experience since he has been in Bollywood for so long. So, I discuss my work with him, but ultimately he makes me take the last decision. Because today, if something works out or doesn’t, you will take the blame on yourself and take full responsibility, rather than putting it on others. He has given me the faith to believe in myself. He also discusses his work with me which is the best part. There have been so many instances when he narrates the subjects that are being offered to him and we discuss it like a team and take a joint decision.

Now that you are working behind the camera with him, will we ever get to see you share the frame with Govinda?

We would love to! We discuss it quite often too. We are waiting for the right thing to come up.

What qualities about him inspire you?

I think the most inspiring things about him are his honesty, passion, and love for his work. Till date he practices his dance and everything, which is very inspiring.

Your plans for 2021?

A few things are lined up for this year and I am very excited. I will start sharing the details soon.