Exclusive Interview! Kriti Sanon opens up about fighting COVID, growing up on Madhuri Dixit's songs and inclination for OTT

Kriti Sanon has fully recovered from COVID; she had tested positive in December after coming from Chandigarh where she was shooting with Rajkummar Rao for Dinesh Vijjan’s next (yet untitled). Talking exclusively to ETimes, from Jaisalmer where she’s currently shooting for ‘Bachchan Pandey’, Kriti says, “One of the doctors told me that apart from the COVID, it’s the fear about the ailment that needs to be dealt with; all said and done, we need to stay positive and shouldn’t get scared. As for me, I didn’t have any symptoms. But I thoroughly followed whatever medical advice I was given- I had all the vitamins I was prescribed and I had a lot of haldi paani and ginger water, and yes, I also took a lot of steam.”

But with COVID still over us and the theatres still not functioning to 100 per cent capacity, we asked the ‘Dilwale’ actress if she would be disappointed if any of her upcoming films landed on OTT and not in theatres? “Well, it’s beyond our control at the moment. I don’t think that you can have the ambience of an auditorium in your home. The experience of seeing a film with popcorn, nachos and samosas cannot be duplicated on the small screen,” but also added, “OTT has its audience no doubt and even I do watch and enjoy it; it has its own sides. Like you can make what you want without thinking about the box-office numbers. But on the other hand, you don’t get the numbers to precisely judge it after it has gone online. Frankly, I would like to do something on OTT that I haven’t attempted before, say an edgy character.” And, does she expect the cinema to change and big-budget films to decrease in the future since budget constraints may now loom large? Caution will have to be exercised on content, you can’t now make mediocre stuff and expect it to run.”

Recently, Kriti was appointed as a brand ambassador for Breezer Vivid Shuffle, the hip-hop festival which is into its fourth season. “This platform will be a great opportunity to showcase the plethora of talent. Even workshops are going to be conducted. I shall pep and cheer the participants. It’s online and hence easily accessible. I am really looking forward to this assignment.”

Kriti has loved dancing even before she joined movies. Did she dance on Madhuri Dixit or Sridevi’s songs in front of her mirror, as she grew up? “Not in front of the mirror per se, but I used to dance to many of Madhuri’s songs at every opportunity. Like, I remember ‘Ankhiyan Churau’ from Raja was my favourite and I used to copy each and every step. We used to have dance competitions amongst friends, we used to dance at birthday parties. Dancing is always fun.”