Exclusive interview! Luv Sinha on comparison with sister Sonakshi Sinha: I am grateful that her debut film worked

Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha debuted with ‘Sadiyaan’ in 2010, the same year her sister Sonakshi Sinha made her big Bollywood debut with ‘Dabangg’. While ‘Sadiyaan’ tanked at the box-office, ‘Dabangg’ went on to become a blockbuster. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Luv opens up about being compared to his sister, working with Sonakshi, father Shatrughan Sinha, and more. Excerpts…

You made your debut in 2010, the same year as your sister Sonakshi Sinha. How do you react to comparisons?

There is no comparison because it is not in my hands. If I had made a great debut that became a blockbuster, you wouldn’t be asking me this question. In fact, I am grateful that her debut film worked. It meant that she took the legacy forward. I hope I can do the same someday. There can be no comparison between a brother and a sister. Even comparisons with my father would be unfair because his time was different, his journey was different.

What do you think of Sonakshi as an actress?

I think she is fantastic. I am glad she never got into the PR game of trying to prove she is number one. She delivered some big hits back-to-back and even then she did not proclaim to be number one. One should appreciate that. She is very picky about her work and doesn’t get into the rat race and number games.

Do you have apprehensions about working with family members like your sister Sonakshi or father Shatrughan Sinha?

I have no apprehensions about working with my family. I would love to work with them. I got to share screen space with both my father and sister in ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se’ and that was fantastic. If I get an opportunity to work with them, it would be a dream-come-true for me. One dream did come true when I campaigned with my father during the elections. Working with my father and sister will be great!