Exclusive interview! Sophie Choudry on social media negativity: The amount of love you get is far more than the toxic comments

Bollywood celebrities often fall prey to trolls on social media and while some counter it by simply ignoring them, others engage in a war of words. In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, VJ-turned-actress Sophie Choudry opens up about how she deals with the toxic comments.

Explaining how she has made peace with the negativity, Sophie says, ”Earlier, it really used to bother me; no one wants to read toxic things. Then, I realised that if someone was being so nasty to me, they must be so unhappy in their own lives that they have to take it out on me without even knowing me. I really feel sorry for all of them because this is the life they have chosen where they have to be toxic to other people to make themselves feel better. People who are happy and busy in their own lives, don’t have time for all this. I actually don’t get bothered anymore.”

However, the actress agrees that it is not always possible to let things slide. ”There was a time during the lockdown, things were not really well. Some people faced a lot of unfair negativity,” she agrees. Sophie goes on to point out that while there are the brickbats, they are outnumbered by the bouquets. ”The good always outweighs the bad. The amount of love you get is far more than the toxic comments. So, I focus on love and positivity. I think that is the best way to deal with it. If they realise that you are not getting offended then they just stop bothering you,” she asserts.