Exclusive! Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor's first paintings unveiled!

It is easy to say that we should spend a lot of time rediscovering our hidden talents and improvise on them in today’s times of anxiety and restlessness that the pandemic has caused but difficult to comply. However, Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughters apparently believe in ‘practise what you preach’. The two sisters continue to paint, something that they started at a slower pace when the lockdown began. But now, they are at it like never before.

In fact, Boney Kapoor has put out a few of their recent paintings on his Twitter handle. The works of both, Janhvi and Khushi, are an absolute treat. But before that, we bring you the very first pictures that Janhvi and Khushi did in their respective lives. Done a few years back, but Papa Boney Kapoor has kept them carefully. And, these pictures are coming to you exclusively on ETimes.

Meanwhile, here are the pictures posted by Boney Kapoor yesterday.

Delighted to see my daughter Janhvi’s creative urges during lockdown. This is her work.

Happy to see Khushi’s creativity during lockdown.

Talking about Janhvi and Khushi’s painting hobby which has now become a bonanza of enjoyment for them, Boney Kapoor tells us, “Both, Janhvi and Khushi used to join Sridevi when she used to do her paintings, perhaps they first developed this art watching her. They have picked it up again now during lockdown.”

Like mother, like daughter! Right, Janhvi and Khushi?