Exclusive! Jassie Gill on missing his family in lockdown: Just like every other person, I was also sailing in the same boat

Jassie Gill is currently in Canada, spending time with his family and on the same hand gradually taking up his work. But when the Modi government announced the lockdown, he was stuck in India for some time, and in that duration, he missed his family a lot. Talking about the same in a candid conversation with ETimes, Jassie Gill expressed himself.

“I am a permanent resident of Canada. While the lockdown was on, I stayed in India for a few months but my entire family was here in Canada, my mom, dad, wife, my daughter everyone. It is a world pandemic and I, just like every other person was sailing in the same boat,” said Jassie Gill.

“We had a lot of pending work to sort out. I really missed them so after a couple of months, I came here to be with them,” he added.

He also told us how he and his family is feeling safe at home. He confirmed that while on one hand the cases are low, on the other hand, they are taking proper precautions.

“Here, we are taking all precautions, cases are comparatively low here. I live in Saskatchewan, Regina. This is near Alberta. People are behaving very responsibly here and the active cases are almost none in this city. So we are all safe right now,” concluded Jassie Gill.