Exclusive! Kailash Kher on Zayn Malik singing ‘Teri Deewani’: If people are appreciating and trying to follow me, I must be doing something right

Kailash Kher has very successfully carved a niche for himself in the music world. His Kailasa songs and style of singing have gained appreciation from not only the Indian audience but many international artists as well. The very first name that comes to our mind is none other than that of Zayn Malik. The video of the international pop sensation crooning the cover of Kher’s 2006 hit number, ‘Teri Deewani’ had gone viral in 2018.

Recounting the time when the video did rounds on social media, Kailash Kher exclusively told ETimes, “Zayn Malik had sung my song, ‘Teri Deewani’. The video had gone viral on social media. I was once asked to react to the video. I didn’t know much about Zayn during those days so I said he has tried well but he should join our academy to learn more. After that, people on social media started reacting to it saying, ‘Mr Kailash Kher, do you know who he is?’ It was then that I came to know that he was a pretty famous personality. Nevertheless, my point is that even international artists are trying to sing the Kailasa style of music. I feel if so many people are appreciating and trying to follow me, I must be doing something right.”

Elaborating further on creating his unique style of music, Kailash Kher added, “I was exposed to spirituality earlier in my life. Even my upbringing and nurturing have been such that music has been the only way where I can get in touch with my other side. However, if I limited my singing and music to spirituality alone then I will be called ‘Katha vachak’ or ‘gyaani’. I don’t want to be in that category. In this so-called fashionable world, they are not accepted as ‘cool people’.”

Apart from ‘Teri Deewani’, Zayn had also crooned the cover of Kailash Kher’s popular song, ‘Allah Ke Bande’.