Exclusive! Kinjal Rajpriya: This much-needed break has given our brains some stress-free time and space

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s life in some or the other way. In an exclusive conversation with one of our Gujarati cinema stars, Kinjal Rajpriya, the actress opened up about the advantages and disadvantages of the lockdown. Excerpts:

“This pandemic has changed our lives. We, humans, were taken for granted, and this pandemic has shown how fragile life is, how futile greed is, and how fragmented our plans can get. The last few months have been the hardest for the whole world and have also been a catalyst for a few good chances that the world needed. The on-going pandemic has taken so many lives. It has been a very tough time for everyone who has lost someone close and for people who saw death in proximity. They are always in my prayers and I hope they find all the strength they need to get through the loss, she said.

Further talking about the economy of our country she said,”One more thing that the pandemic has shaken up is the economy. This has massively affected all classes of people. From the owners of MNCs and the middle class to the laborers whose house is run on daily wage, everyone’s life has been adversely affected by the economic decline. Though there have been major negative changes across the world, there have been quite a few positive effects on humans. We all need to live life at a specific pace. But, due to the continuous competition, peer pressure, and the race to excel makes a person forget about himself and his surroundings. Our balance has been disrupted for so long due to our fast life. And this pandemic has given a break to us to find that balance again. We needed this for our happiness and satisfaction.”

She continues”This much-needed break has given our brains some stress-free time and space. This has led to us getting in touch with our creative side. I have seen so many people who have used this time to do stuff they always wanted to do, and for grabbing new and unique opportunities. A friend of mine owns a pharma company, and he used this period to start a food-related venture with his wife. Seeing people finding their passion or a parallel profession makes me so happy. All of this has made people realize that there’s always a plan B if we work for it sincerely enough. If nothing else, this period has taught us to be #Atmanirbhar. Everybody had to chip in equally for household work which has made us self-dependent. I am sure we are going to take these lessons and apply them in our ‘new normal’ life and we will rely less on other people for trivial jobs and work.”

Kinjal ended her conversation on a positive note.”Our country has been struggling to be Swachh Bharat for quite a while now. I am sure that we are going to take our sanitizing lessons to the post-pandemic period. This might uplift our standard of living in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. As an Indian, I feel proud to see people across the world greeting each other with a Namaste due to the social distancing rules. Let’s do namaste, carry sanitizers, and follow all the rules so that we can hopefully come out of this pandemic with renewed strength,” she concluded.