Exclusive! Maanvi Gagroo: I miss the entire experience of getting together and going out for a film

Amid the lockdown, the world of entertainment is gradually getting back on track. Several celebs have started shooting for their respective projects by taking necessary precautions. But the theatre owners and exhibitors are still waiting to get a green light from the government to reopen cinema halls and multiplexes. People have been trending hashtags like #SupportMovieTheatres and #SaveCinema to express their support for theatres to open in the country. ETimes got in touch with actress Maanvi Gagroo, who spoke about missing watching movies in theatres. Excerpts:

How much do you miss watching movies in a theatre?

The other day only I was talking to a friend of mine and saying that now I am beginning to miss this feeling of going out. I don’t know if it’s just about the experience of sitting in a theatre and watching a film but everything that’s usually around it. You decide with friends, make a plan, you probably go for dinner before or after the film or something, that entire experience of getting together and going out for a film, i think that’s what I am beginning to miss a lot.

What was the first time when you saw your own movie in a theatre?

I think it would have to be ‘Aamras’, it was my first film. On the premiere day, it was back in 2009.

Are you looking forward to stepping into a theatre?

To be honest, right now I am little paranoid in general with respect to the pandemic and social distancing. But I’m assuming that once the theatres open, there will be a lot of precautions that will be taken. Eventually that will allow some semblance of normalcy. So gradually I think we are all going to get used to that while we maintain the precautions that we have to. Initially, I think I will be a little nervous, but then I think it will be fine.

What do you have to say to worried theatre owners right now?

I just want to tell them that, unfortunately, as this has been a very hard time for a lot of people, for a lot of industries that have had to lay off employees that have had to take a lot of losses and generally loss of money, capital investments, so many things, but I would just let them know that I think the one thing is that the primary concern should be safety to ensure that all precautions are maintained and not just rely upon people managing their own precautions, but for them to execute that everything is sanitized and the proper checks and, things like that and with social distancing and masks and all the usual things. Because that’s pretty much all they can do and beyond that, it’s up to us up to the citizens up to the people, the theatregoers. I also think that initially, it’s not like the minute they reopen theatres, everybody’s going to flock to cinema halls and business will be as usual. Initially, I think it will be a little slow to pick up, so for them to just have patience but continue with whatever the rules and precautions to be maintained are and then I think gradually things will be better.