Exclusive! Maira Doshi on section 144 imposed in Mumbai again’

COVID-19 virus has infected the globe, according to the recent update, the coronavirus infection has shown a huge rise all over the nation due to this Mumbai is on a red alert. To avoid the worst situation, Mumbai cops have imposed 144 section that orders the strict restrictions on the movement of the individual. Talking to this, Gujarati actress Maira Doshi who is a resident of Mumbai shared her reaction exclusively with ETimes.

Maira says: “Section 144 has been imposed in Mumbai again since last night. We all know how critical the situation of India is right now and the cases are increasing with each passing day. As compared to any other country in the world right now India is facing the worst situation and people are yet being very casual, some of them are not maintaining the hygiene so I would request everyone to be at home and not to step out until and unless it is extremely needed.”

She ends up saying: “This 144 section has imposed for the country’s economic growth and not for all of us to roam around and to have fun, so please stay home guys, stay safe and maintain hygiene, Thankyou!”