Exclusive! Mukul Chadda on 'Sherni': Vidya Balan is such a giving co-actor, I forgot what a huge star she is!

Mukul Chadda has come a long way from being an investment banker to a Bollywood actor. While making a name for himself in the world of showbiz, he has also been pursuing his passion for theatre and keeping the audience entertained with television stints, and has lately also turned to script-writing to tell his stories. This talented actor is now testing the waters in B-Town. ETimes got in touch with the man of many talents and he got chatty about his short film, ‘Banana Bread’, collaborating with wife Rasika Duggal, his new project ‘Sherni’ with Vidya Balan, the ‘Tandav’ row, and more. Excerpts:

Mukul put the lockdown to good use by scripting and starring in the short film ‘Banana Bread’ that released on YouTube. Speaking about the exciting venture with his wife, Rasika, the actor says, “Some wonderful new things came out of the lockdown, like making our short film ‘Banana Bread’. But ask him if a full-fledged feature film is now on the cards and he humbly replies, “I think pursuing filmmaking is too ambitious to think of right now. I am focused on my acting career and I’d love to give all my attention to it at the moment. But yes, it has encouraged us to write more. I’ve always wanted to write, and hopefully, the encouragement received from ‘Banana Bread’ might prompt more of that.”