Exclusive! Neil Nitin Mukesh: Rukmini and I complete four years of marriage today and these have been the most beautiful years of my life

As Neil Nitin Mukesh and wife Rukmini celebrate their fourth marriage anniversary today, the actor cannot help gushing over his partner. “Neil Nitin Mukesh on his fourth marriage anniversary: Rukmini and I celebrate our fourth marriage anniversary today and I mean it when I say this, these four years have been the most beautiful four years of my life. I am truly blessed to have a beautiful and great companion like Rukimini. She has changed me a lot; she has taught me how to really love and what a partner should really be. Rukmini is someone I look up to, admire and I am really proud I call her my wife. I am sure every man feels that way about his partner and every wife wants to be seen this way by her husband. But I can tell you this with guarantee that mine is the best (chuckles). Rukmini has kind of anchored me, which is something I really needed. I am a creative man and I have a massive creative outlet in her. I really think she is biggest blessing in my life,” he told Bombay Times.

The couple, who are proud parents to baby girl Nurvi, are a tight knit family unit. But, at one point in time, Neil had his reservations about Rukmini’s parenting skills. He shares, “As a parent, I was very scared. I mean I was confident about myself because I am great with my nephews and nieces and I love kids. I wasn’t sure of Rukmini because she was herself like a child (chuckles). She has that quality about her. So I was really sceptical about her as a parent and she shocked me! She is such a great mother. She is hands on with Nurvi; she teaches her, spends time with her. Rukmini has one of the busiest days in our family as she looks after the home… she looks after all of us and plus the baby.”