Exclusive! Nidhhi Agerwal on #SaveCinema: I hope the theatre owners just hold on for a while longer

The entertainment industry is gradually returning to normalcy. The new Unlock 4 guidelines have come out, but it holds no respite for theatre chains as it doesn’t say when the cinema halls and multiplexes can reopen. Currently, hashtags like #SupportMovieTheatres and #SaveCinema have been trending on social media and a lot of celebs have come out in support of it. ETimes got in touch with Nidhhi Agerwal who spoke about her first movie theatre experience. Excerpts:

How much do you miss watching movies in a theatre?

Very much! One of my films was supposed to release on May 1, I was so excited for it to come out. But now it‘s gotten postponed of-course because of what’s happening in the world. I do hope that we can very soon safely go and watch movies in the theatres. So I am really missing it.

What was the first time when you saw your own movie in a theatre?

The first time saw my own movie in a theatre, it was a surreal experience for me. It was like an out-of-body experience for me almost. That was of course my first film. I have watched every film of mine in a movie theatre since.

Are you looking forward to stepping into a theatre?

Yes, most definitely. Stepping in safely!

What do you have to say to worried theatre owners right now?

I feel really bad, I feel like of course, it’s a very heavy burden for them to constantly pay rents and maintain the theatres when no films are releasing right now. But I am hoping, there is some part of me that knows that once things are safe for people to come inside theatres, I think people will really come in and all the shows are going to be houseful. So I hope they just hold on for a little bit more.