Exclusive! Raghveer Boli on farmers’ protest: We won't survive if we don't have soldiers on borders and farmers in the field

Though the farmers are protesting in Punjab and Haryana, it is a matter of concern for the entire nation. The government feels that the new ordinances are to empower farmers, but the farmers feel it will phase out the traditional grain market system and curb the marginal farmers. Thus, they have raised their voice against the new legislation, and are being supported by many.

Even actor Raghveer Boli strongly believes that we all should support the farmers in their cause. Talking to ETimes exclusively, Raghveer Boli said, “This goes without saying that we all should support our farmers. We only have two main weapons in our nations, ‘Kisan and Jawan’ (farmers and soldiers). We won’t survive if we don’t have soldiers on borders and farmers in the field.”

“They are the ones who produce crops; they are the ones who feed the nation; how can we not stand by them,” concluded Raghveer Boli.

Just like Raghveer, a number of other Punjabi stars have come in support of the farmers’ protest. They have taken to their social media handles to express their concern and today even shared the poster to show their support.