Exclusive! Raghveer Boli on #SaveCinemasSaveJobs: When every industry is witnessing unlock then why not theatres

The entire nation is under the process of unlocking, certainly with a lot of preventative and safety measures. Considering the whole situation, the Indian film industry has urged the government to re-open cinemas as well. Thus, a small movement #SaveCinemasSaveJobs has begin, which in a very short time has stirred so much buzz. A lot of people are coming in support of the movement and one of them is Punjabi actor Raghveer Boli.

Talking to ETimes exclusively on this subject, Boli said, “Certainly, when cinemas will open, a lot of people will have their jobs back. And, I am not talking only about the people who work at the cinemas, but everyone who works in a movie; right from an actor, director to spot boy.”

“You see, it’s a chain system, the producers invest money which pays off the director, actors, spot boys, drivers, so on and so forth. And then when the movie makes it to the theatres, the producer is paid back,” he added.

He also said, “When every industry is witnessing unlock then why not theatres, certainly with all the right measures.”

Further, the actor also said that though we are trying to keep our spirits high, we can’t deny the fact that the time is depressing, and amid this time, cinemas can offer entertainment, a means of refuge.