Exclusive! Ruslaan Mumtaz on social media trolls: My life is good and I have shut the door for this kind of negativity

Social media is a double-edged sword. While it has been instrumental in connecting Bollywood stars to their fans, it has also made them vulnerable to trolls. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Ruslaan Mumtaz opened up about how he deals with negativity on social media, and his thoughts on the mental health of actors in Bollywood. Excerpts… Talking about the widespread negativity and hatred on social media, Ruslaan said, “The recent things that I have been noticing in the past one year that irrespective of anything, people start this Hindu-Muslim debate. I don’t know what has instilled this in people. I believe that people have changed in our country. They have biased opinions on things and they are stuck to those opinions.”

He further added, “My life is good enough and I have shut the door for these kinds of negativity. I am not out there to tell people how to lead their lives. If they want to rate each other on religion or on politics then that is what they should do. Even if a put a picture out, unless there are comments on my family, I ignore it. If I praise a Hindu actor, they say I don’t support Muslim actors and when I do, others say it is because I am Muslim, I am against Hindu actors. I have realised that people are like that now and they don’t want to change.”

Ruslaan also opened up about the issue of mental health amongst the actors in Bollywood. He said, “When you ask a newcomer why he wants to become an actor, they will mostly say it is because they wanted to become famous or be known. I don’t blame them because even I was like that at one point in time. It takes a little maturity and experience to see beyond it. If your parents are from the industry, they have already informed you about these things. That is why I think producers take star kids as they are probably more prepared for these things than others. They handle the ups and downs more maturely.”

Elaborating more, he added, “The aspirations of people have become very wrong. If people come with a mindset that they will be happy if they are popular, have a celebrity girlfriend/boyfriend and have a fancy car then they are sadly mistaken. They are misguided.”