Exclusive! Saroj Khan's granddaughter not informed that she's no more; Has been told that naani is out on a holiday!

It was late Saroj Khan’s birthday yesterday (November 22). “Mummy would have been 72 if she had been alive today. It was a day of mixed feelings. It was also my daughter Aaliya’s birthday, who was born 5-years ago,” Saroj Khan’s daughter Sukaina, when contacted, told ETimes last evening. “I and a few other family members went to my mother’s grave yesterday, offered flowers and then distributed food to quite a few poor people,” Sukaina further told us, when asked about the day’s proceedings.

However, Sukaina’s daughter Aaliya who turned five yesterday, has been asking for her naani quite frequently ever since the legendary choreographer passed away on July 3, 2020. “And, every time including my husband’s parents, who stay in Dubai, tell her that she has gone for a holiday followed by a few shoots and will return in a few days time.”

Aaliya’s questions about her naani’s absence have increased especially since last week since she was told that Saroj Khan would return for her birthday. “Even I had been telling her the same thing. She wants to know where her naani disappeared from the hospital but since she’s just 5, I somehow yet don’t want to tell her the harsh truth,” Sukaina continued, “And the saddest thing yesterday was that Aaliya has celebrated all her four birthdays so far with my mother and now Mummy was no more around us. We used to go to Dubai (2016-2019) as my in-laws stay there, and celebrate and Mummy used to join us.”

” Cake ek hi laate the, aur cake par dono ka naam hote tha. We couldn’t come to terms with the whole thing, today. So I just ordered a cake and a gift and told Aaliya that your naani has sent you these,” Sukaina added. So what was the gift we asked? Sukaina said, “A unicorn, which Aaliya kept it by her side and slept, even did her school keeping it with her today and says that click a picture of it and send it to nanna- she and even my other kids called her nanna and not naani- to say thank you.”

We at ETimes certainly understand what Saroj Khan’s family is undergoing. May Sarojji’s soul rest in peace.