Exclusive! Shreyas Talpade gets nostalgic as 'Om Shanti Om' completes 13 years

‘Om Shanti Om’, which released in the year 2007, completes 13 years today. The film marked the debut of Deepika Padukone and starred Shah Rukh Khan, Shreyas Talpade, Kirron Kher and Arjun Rampal among others.

With a plot that paid tribute to classic Bollywood films and a song that brought together the who’s who of Bollywood, ‘Om Shanti Om’ garnered critical acclaim as well as box-office success.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was as mainstream and glitzy as Bollywood could get.

On the occasion of the film’s 13th anniversary today, media source got in touch with actor Shreyas Talpade who played the iconic role of Pappu Master (Shah Rukh’s best friend) in the reincarnation-revenge drama.

Talking about how he feels to be associated with the film, Shreyas said, “The film is very special. ‘Om Shanti Om’ was my first film with Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and it was made with all heart. We all had a great time shooting this one. I feel fortunate to be a part of this film and essay the role of Pappu Master, which is still remembered by the audience.”

Shreyas Talpade’s comic timing had matched superbly with that of SRK’s in the film.

Talking about his role, he said, “When Farah narrated me the whole story, what appealed to me the most was the changeover of my character – a young guy in the first half of the film and a grown-up man in the second half. As an actor, it was a great opportunity for me to portray two different avatars in the same film. If this wouldn’t have been the case then, Pappu and Om Prakash’s (SRK) friendship would have been quite normal and straight forward. But the fact that he grows old and nothing really changes for him is what really made it special for me.”

The actor further mentioned that all the actors in the film shared a great bond and had a fun time during the shoot.

Both SRK and Shreyas being from a theatre background had improvised the scenes a lot. Talking about the same, he added, “I very well remember once during the shoot Farah reprimanded the two of us and clearly asked us not to improvise more and just stick to the script.”

Recalling one of his fondest memories from the shoot of ‘Om Shanti Om’, Shreyas said, “We started shooting on January 26 and the very next day was my birthday. So when the team got to know about it, they decorated my entire make up room with balloons and ribbons and they even signed one huge card from the entire team for me as my birthday present. I still remember I had cut the cake with the entire team and it was a special birthday for me at that point in time.”

Shreyas also recalled an incident when Shah Rukh had apologised to the team.

“We had an early morning shoot on the first day and Farah reached with her team at around 7-7:30 am. We were supposed to start the shoot by 9 am. I was called early as I had to wear a wig and all. In fact, we all reached on time and kept waiting for Shah to come. I remember he came late at around 10 am and Farah got furious. She reprimanded him and said that she was disappointed that he had kept everyone waiting. So, Shah Rukh came to my make up room and said that he is extremely sorry. However, I very strongly remember that he then said, ‘Kal se tum sab bhi 10 baje hi aana’ (laughs). And from the next day onwards instead of 8 am I would reach at 9 am, get ready by 10, and then we would start shooting.”

Asked if Farah ever scolded him while they were shooting, Shreyas jokingly said, “No. I didn’t give her any chance.”

“But while we were doing the ‘Tu Hero Banega’ scene, which is also my first scene with Shah Rukh, Farah told me a couple of times to not do it in the way I was doing as she needed something more. What she meant was that sometimes the way I act in a ‘Golmaal’ is not the same as I act in a Nagesh Kukunoor film. She then showed me what she wanted and I did accordingly. This happened on Day 1 and after that, I don’t think she ever scolded me,” he added.

When asked about his favourite scene from the film, the actor said, “There’s a sequence in the second half when Shah Rukh remembers who he is during the award show and then he comes to meet me and his mother. We were also happy that he finally remembered who he is. That is one of the most memorable scenes. Then we had a scene on the bridge where I tell him that we’ll avenge Shanti’s death. That’s also one scene that I really like in the film.”

Shreyas further averred that he was happy to be a part of the film and is grateful for the kind of love and appreciation the film has got over the years and the way in which the audience has kept the film fresh and young even after 13 years of its release. “I am truly humbled by all the love we keep getting,” he concluded.