Exclusive! Swara Bhasker On Doing Intimate Scenes: It's Not Me But My Character Doing It

There’s not a lot that can faze Swara Bhasker. The actress is not only known for her no-nonsense, upfront personality, but she’s also liked and respected for it. However, where there’s applause, there are also brickbats. But who better than the Flesh actor to deal with this? In an exclusive chat with mid-day.com’s Supriya Nair, Swara Bhasker talks about trolls and how she deals with them, and how she manages to step out of her comfort zone and do it effortlessly.

“The job of an actor is to keep stepping out of their comfort zone,” she says, before adding, “The most basic exercise we do as actors is break our inhibitions. We are not the audience, it’s not our job to judge the character or what it’s doing. Our job is to find justification for what the character is doing from the text and present that in as convincing a manner as possible.”

Swara adds, “That’s how I deal with any scene that makes me uncomfortable. It’s not me who’s doing it, it’s my character. And that’s true for sex scenes, for kissing scenes, and for violent scenes too. At some point, you have to understand what the intention of the maker is, and if you don’t agree with the intention, don’t be part of it.”

And how does she deal with the ceaseless and unwarranted trolling, criticism, and negativity happening on social media nowadays? Pat comes the reply, “People have the right to their opinion. Not everyone has to like me. But if you’re going to put falsehoods about me in public then I will stand up for myself.”

On the work front, Swara Bhasker had two OTT releases during the lockdown period – Rasbhari and Flesh. Rasbhari has Swara play a teacher whose teenage student becomes obsessed with her, while Flesh dealt with the issue of human trafficking and Swara played a cop for the first time in the series.