Exclusive: Taapsee Pannu on brutality towards women! Says, “It makes me think what can I do for the society?”

Taapsee Pannu is one of the well opinionated actresses of Bollywood, who has always raised her voice and shared her views on subjects that shook the nation. As the country is talking about the brutality towards a teenage girl that led to her death in Hathras, UP, Taapsee, who’s been a part of several women oriented films says that it’s a long way to go.

“I feel after every few days, an incident occurs where people feel that it is extremely brutal and then everybody starts talking about it. But the reality is, if you look at the newspapers and you realise that there’s a brutal rape case reported almost everyday! I am sure there are more that’s happening, but one at least catches your attention everyday. So, when I look at this incident, it’s probably not making me feel that this one incident is going to evoke more anger. I am in that state, where I have reached a point that I know this is our reality. And we need to fight it,” says Taapsee.

The incident and several others that happened in the past have prodded Taapsee to do something against it. She elaborates, “Today, I am thinking of what can I do? I can’t keep blaming people, abusing them or holding them accountable. So, instead I think what can I do in my capacity, as an individual. I am trying my best to make the society a bit more kind towards women. I am doing it through the kind of films, or characters I take up, where people feel that it is not okay to be subjected to kind of things we (women) get subjected to every now and then. I have reached a point where all these incidents keep reinforcing my belief and my strength that I have to keep going and not give up.”