Exclusive! Tahir Raj Bhasin is missing the experience of watching films in a theatre: Size of the screen, smell of popcorn make me nostalgic

Bollywood shoots are slowly resuming and celebs are stepping out with all the necessary precautions. However theatres continue to remain shut even in Unlock 4. Movie enthusiasts have been trending hashtags like #SupporMovieTheatres and #SaveIndianCinema on social media, eager for theatres to open and enjoy a film on the big screen. Speaking to ETimes, Tahir Raj Bhasin expressed how keen he is to into a cinema hall and enjoy a big screen experience. Excerpts:

How much are u missing watching movie in a theatre ?

I’m really missing the experience of watching films in a theatre. The thought of the size of the screen, recliner seats and the smell of popcorn now makes me nostalgic.

What’s the first time you saw your own movie in a theatre?

The first time I saw my own film in a theatre was at Gaiety-Galaxy in Bandra where I went to watch ‘Mardaani’ from the projection room. I saw the audience whistle and hoot along side the dialogues. It was a very emotional moment and gave me a tremendous sense of achievement to see people react to my scenes and first film at such an iconic theatre in Bombay.

Are you looking forward to stepping into a theatre?

When it is safe to do so, yes I do .

What do you have to say to theatre owners who are worried right now?

I would like to reassure theatre owners that the audience misses the experience they provide with all their heart. However the same audience we seek to entertain must also be safeguarded from health risks. Rushing in to re-opening theatres might erode public trust and could harm theatres further. An opening should definitely happen in the future, but only when the time is right and with all the correct safety measures in place.