Exclusive: The one adventurous activity Aparshakti Khurana did during his recent trip to the Andamans

Stree actor Aparshakti Khurana has discovered his love for traveling of late. So, once things began to reopen in times of the pandemic, he made a quick trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in January. The actor opened up to Bombay Times about his trip that has got him refreshed before he got back in to action as an actor.

About his trip, the actor says, “I am not a beach person, but since my friends insisted on exploring the beaches, I just landed there. This was a good time to visit the sun and sand destination because the weather is lovely and the beaches are less crowded than usual. The crystal-clear water, the blue sky and the pristine beaches were a sight to behold.”

The actor who’s now busy with his upcoming film Helmet co-starring Pranutan Bahl took to an adventurous activity during this trip. He opens up saying, “Well, I started to learn surfing. Since I was short on time, I managed to make some local friends who taught me to surf. It was quite exciting.”

Before he signs off, Aparshakti brings back the focus on the pristine beaches of the tourist destination. He says, “A special mention to the serenity of the beaches, once again, which I feel are the prettiest in Asia. It’s surprising that it took me so long to explore the divinely place.”