Exclusive! There is a new singer in Neil Nitin Mukesh's family

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s true calling in life may have been acting and storytelling, but his daughter – Nurvi Neil Mukesh – is definitely inclined towards music. The actor, who is the son of legendary singer Nitin Mukesh, is happy and proud that his 2 YO kid gets to spend time with his parents. “Nurvi is definitely the apple of my eye and I have genuinely spent so much time with her during this quarantine phase that I am truly blessed because every day I get to learn so much from her. It is fascinating to see how kids can grasp so much and learn so fast. It is quite interesting to spend so much time with her in teaching her, educating her. I love the way she is growing; she spends hours with my father doing riyaz and you have to see the two of them in the morning. She does her entire ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’ with my father every single day. I would have been upset with myself if I had not given my mother, father and daughter this time to bond (sic),”he told Bombay Times.

Neil calls the self isolation phase a blessing in disguise. “So, the quarantine phase definitely gave us the time to bond; we were staying separately for four months as the three of us were in isolation in our Andheri home and my parents were at our Town (South Bombay) residence. Once the lockdown was lifted slightly, we decided we should stay together and it’s been quite a while since we spent some time together with each other. It was a blessing in disguise for sure. I was really happy that even though we were all living under one roof for a long time, all of us were really happy. My father has inculcated some fantastic values in my younger brother and me. I see Rukmini is doing the same with Nurvi (sic),” concluded the actor.