Exclusive! Tushar Sadhu: 'Pehli Vaar Aaje' will make you fall in love with Navratri all over again

Tushar Sadhu is known for his films like ‘Romeo And Radhika’, ‘Deshbook’, ‘Tuu To Gayo’, ‘Ratanpur’ and ‘Kem Chho?’. The star has marked his footprints in the Gujarati cinema with his acting chops and has won millions of hearts with his charm. As the Navratri festive nears, actors are busy promoting Garba tracks on social media handle and so is Tushar. The actor has come up with a unique concept in his recent Garba number. In a candid chat with ETimes, the actor shared his journey from shooting the song, working with co-actors, director and much more.

How did the entire team manage to shoot the song amidst the pandemic?

It was really very difficult and testing time. Everything had changed dramatically. Getting permission for shooting and locations was extremely tough. Also, we had to limit the number of people we could have on the floor. So all that caused a bit of inconvenience, Even while rehearsing for the song we had to practice social distancing and wear a mask. Even on the floor, we maintained strict social distancing, and only people facing the camera were allowed not to wear a mask, rest all were strictly asked to follow guidelines and SOPs.

What is your take on virtual Navratri this year?

Well, it is extremely disappointing that there will be no Navratri this year. But no matter what we Gujaratis will celebrate it, what even if it is a virtual Navratri or even if we have to celebrate from the confines of our homes. And henceforth we came up with a Navratri song ‘Pehli Vaar Aaje’. ‘Pehli Vaar Aaje’ will make you fall in love with Navratri all over again. It is a fabulously composed song and extremely well sung by Jigardan Gadhavi and Kavya Limaye. You can play in on loop and celebrate Navratri all nine 9 days. It won’t disappoint you.

Tell us more about ‘Pehli Vaar Aaje’ and your co-stars…

I already have mentioned that ‘Pehli Vaar Aaje’ is a Garba track. But it is a very contemporary one. A well-defined mixture of traditional as well as classical Garba tune. It is such a unique track that I don’t think people of Gujarat or even India would have listened to such a Garba tune before. If you listen to this with headphones it will definitely make you dance to the tune. Even a non-Garba lover will forget everything and dance to this fast-paced tune. It is also directed very well by my friend Jay Bhojak. And well my co-star is Liza Dudhiya who happens to be Miss teen Asia 2019. She is an extremely nice person. It was a really fun experience working with her in the song. I am also currently working with her in a web series. But coming back to the song even though she is a newcomer she has done a fabulous job with her character in the song and brought her character to life.

How was your experience… doing a romantic Garba track?

It was an amazing experience to do a romantic Garba song as I am doing a Garba song for the first time and I really enjoyed it while shooting. I enjoyed playing Garba and Jay Bhojak’s director created a beautiful romantic story for the song and emotions came out really well. The dream sequence of the song is the heart of it. I am really grateful to Amdavadi beats and Jay Bhojak for this amazing opportunity.