Exclusive! Valentine’s Week: Pulkit Samrat used to borrow gifts from shopkeepers to surprise girls

Pulkit Samrat is one of the good looking actors of Bollywood. Not only does he get attention for being well groomed now, but back then during his school and college days too he was popular for his boyish charm. On the occasion of Valentine’s Week, the Pagalpaanti actor revisits his olden days when he would get flooded with attention, especially on the day dedicated to love.

He tells Bombay Times, “I used to get a lot of proposals since my school days. In fact these used to come from my seniors in school. A lot of my seniors used to have a crush on me and that would leave me embarrassed.”

Pulkit further shares an incident that got him in trouble and also got him unwanted attention from his mother. He says, “When I was in the seventh grade, I had a girlfriend. I used to save up some of my pocket money to get her gifts on Valentine’s Day. Paise kum hote the, toh main udhar pe gift leta tha. One day I decided that I would pay off all the pending money to the shopkeeper. Unfortunately, that same day, the owner of the gift shop reached my home and informed my mom about my borrowings. Main jaise hi school se ghar pohocha, I saw the shopkeeper standing with my mom. Main kasam khake kehta hoon ki uss din mujhe bohot chappalein padi hai!”